Parlor City Payback

Skid Row and Bullfrog, two world-weary down-and-outs, are doing their best to defy the odds and make something of their generally pathetic lives. As always, the deck is seemingly stacked against them. Carl, their unlikely benefactor, is missing in action, and Ricky Fixx, an old nemesis and near-constant source of fear and torment, is intent on revenge and will stop at nothing to get it. Meanwhile, a new adversary has been lured into town. At first, his objective is unclear even to him. That’s when he’s suddenly confronted with his past, an unforgivable betrayal, and a shocking glimpse of somebody he’d hoped to never see again. Paths begin to converge, and it becomes increasingly obvious they are all set inexorably for a collision course at the crossroads of bad luck and trouble.

Author of the high octane thrillers “Blind Switch” and “A Shot at Redemption,” Michael Sova returns with “Parlor City Payback,” the first sequel to his 2016 release, “Parlor City Paradise.” Binghamton, New York, the so-called ‘Parlor City,’ was once recognized among the top five—maybe that should be bottom five—most depressing places in the United States. Although the situation has improved somewhat in recent years, it’s been an uphill climb with a long way still to go. That makes it the ideal backdrop for another novel featuring Skid Row and Bullfrog. Forever striving to better themselves. each step they attempt to take forward is hampered by several stumbles back, much like the city they both call home. With his now characteristic blend of wit, humor, a keep-you-guessing plot, and a host of unforgettable characters, “Parlor City Payback” is a triumph of suspense fiction and Michael Sova’s strongest work to date.


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