Parlor City Payback Release: The Eagle Has Finally Landed

Hello friends and fellow book lovers,


Skid Row and Bullfrog, two world-weary down-and-outs, are doing their best to defy the odds and make something of their generally pathetic lives. As always, the deck is seemingly stacked against them. Carl, their unlikely benefactor, is missing in action, and Ricky Fixx, an old nemesis and near-constant source of fear and torment, is intent on revenge and will stop at nothing to get it. Meanwhile, a new adversary has entered the fray. At first, his objective is unclear even to him. That’s when he’s suddenly confronted with his past, an unforgivable betrayal, and a shocking glimpse of somebody he’d hoped to never see again. Paths begin to converge, and it becomes increasingly obvious they are all set inexorably for a collision course at the crossroads of bad luck and trouble.


I hope I’ve captured your attention because that’s the nutshell description of Parlor City Payback, my long-awaited sequel to Parlor City Paradise. I’d originally hoped to publish in late July. What can I say? Supply chains aren’t what they used to be. The point is, the book is done and will be available… can I get a drumroll or something? I’ll take that as a no. Well, fanfare aside, the official release date is set for next Friday, October 23rd. In fact, if you’re planning on purchasing a digital version, you can pre-order now pretty much everywhere e-books are sold. You’d be doing me a big favor too. Typically, I wouldn’t even bring that up because I enjoy self-promotion about as much as I enjoy ice water enemas. However, pre-orders count toward overall sales rankings, and that increases the likelihood that my latest masterpiece will actually get noticed. I’m asking a lot. I realize that, but I do plan on returning the favor by providing some quality entertainment and diversion in a time when we could all use more of both. Also, the novel is set in 2017 which means you will not encounter any of the pandemic-related vocabulary we’ve all become so annoyingly accustomed to. You’re welcome.  Unfortunately, pre-order is not available for paperback. If you’re going old school, you will need to wait until the actual publication date. Maybe set a reminder on your calendar. Hey, I’m just trying to help.


And while I’m on the subject, thank you most sincerely to Kaitlyn Hession, Maureen Walsh, and also to my wife and my daughter for the tremendous help they provided by submitting the fantastic photos that have been incorporated into the Parlor City Payback cover design.  They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. In this case, I wouldn’t mind a bit. Happy reading. I truly hope everyone enjoys the new book. And yes, I’m already at work on the next one.


Mike S.


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