NFL Week 16 Recap: We’ll Never Learn



     Football season can best be summed up like this.  For those of you who never bother clicking on the hot links I so carefully select for your entertainment, please imagine a peaceful scene and a young boy.  He’s presented with a temptation.  At first, he’s resolute.  But then, he begins to waver.  Uncertainty morphs into cautious optimism.  This glimmer of hope, tiny at first, blossoms into an assurance that he will succeed, that he will triumph.  Enter a young girl.  We’ll call her Fate.  She teases.  She entices.  And in the end, she crushes his spirit.  Do you have the picture yet?  Charlie Brown is once again lining up to kick the football.  Lucy, the little bitch, tells him everything he wants to hear.  You know how the story ends.  It’s a tale every Vikings fan, every Redskins fan, every fan of the Jets, Browns, Bears, Bills, Lions, and Cowboys can easily relate to.  Each season, we begin anew.  We don the old jersey, sit down in front of the television and wait for the miracle to begin.  It doesn’t happen right way but we don’t lose hope.  Our teams do just enough to keep us thinking, keep us believing that, Yes, Virginia. There is a Santa Claus.   We’ve conveniently forgotten what happened the last time Santa took time out of his busy schedule to attend a football game.  Trust me.  He ain’t comin’ back.  So the season slogs on.  We win some.  We lose some.  We lose some more.  We start calculating various playoff scenarios.  Steelers fans realize they can actually still make it to the post season if the Jets win their final two games.  About a dozen other things have to fall into place as well but at least there’s a chance.  For the record, about half of those things, including the Jets winning, happened on Sunday.  The Steelers overcame incredible odds, not to mention some horrible officiating, and their playoff hopes are still alive.  I pity those fans.  They either don’t know or choose not to accept what Lucy is about to do.  Why do we put ourselves through the pain, the frustration and the misery year, after year, after year?  We do it because we’re football fans, and we’ll never learn.  Tee it up, Lucy.  I’m ready! 

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