NFL Week 10 Recap: Bear Blunders & Wing Dip


Do you remember former Cardinals coach Dennis Green’s awesome rant about the Chicago Bears?  He said, among other things, “They are who we thought they were.”  And like so many memorable press conferences, it followed a surprising loss.  I give you Cincinnati Bengals rookie runningback Jeremy Hill.  He borrowed a page from Denny’s book but took it a step further.  In case you missed it, the Bengals were totally shut down by the Browns last Thursday night, losing 24 to 3.  When asked if Cleveland was better than he thought, Hill said, “Oh no, not at all. They’re probably worse than I thought, to be honest with you.”  He later added,     “They didn’t do anything special to me.  I mean, respect to them, they won the game. But that’s all I’ll give them.”  Okay, so if the Browns are no good, if they didn’t do anything special, What does that say about the Bengals who failed to score a touchdown for the second time in a month.  the Browns held them to just 200 yards of total offense.  Hill,, who led his team in rushing, managed just 55 yards on 12 carries.  Lucky for him the Browns aren’t any good.  Otherwise, he would have had a really rough night.  After starting the season 3 – 0, the Bengals have won just two of their last five games.  Going back to last season, the surprising Browns are 9 – 3 when quarterback Brian Hoyer is under center.  That, if you’re wondering, is the fourth highest win percentage in the league.

Would the real Pittsburgh Steelers please stand up?  Through the first six weeks of the season, the Steelers lost as many games as they won, and one of their wins was a narrow victory over the lowly Jaguars.  Pittsburgh  just didn’t look any good.  They struggled to put points on the board and the defense was a work in progress at best.  Over their next three games, however, all of them wins, quarterback Big Ben Roethlisberger went on a record setting run: becoming the 4th fastest to record his 100th win, becoming the first quarterback in NFL history to throw for 500+ yards TWICE, and the first to throw six touchdown passes in back-to-back games.  The defense was still allowing a few too many points but, with offensive production like that, who the hell cared?

The Steelers were on fire as they prepared for what should have been a walk in the park against a Jets team that hadn’t won a game since Week 1.  If you’re not sure how I feel about the Jets, take a look at any of my previous updates.  I suggest you start with last week’s and go back from there.  It was actually a pretty quiet week for Gang Green, with the exception of the plane towing the FIRE JOHN IDZIK banner that buzzed the team’s practice field.  Common sense said the Steelers would continue to roll and the Jets would continue to stink.  Instead, a defense that had only recorded one interception all season picked off Roethlisberger twice.  They recorded four turnovers in all, one more than their previous season total.  The Jets didn’t give it up at all, jumped out to an early 17 point lead and hung on for a 20 to 13 win.  Pittsburgh is now in last place in the AFC North while division rival Cleveland is alone in first for the first time in nearly two decades.  So how could any team fall apart so quickly and completely? Justin Bieber reportedly attended the Steelers’ bible service the night before the game. I’m just sayin’

As bad as the Steelers can be on any given week, the Chicago Bears are undeniably, inestimably worse, and not just once in a while.  They pretty much suck all the time.  Just in the past two weeks, Chicago has been outscored 80 to 7… IN THE FIRST HALF ALONE!  Against the Packers in Week 10, the pitiable Bears defense allowed six touchdowns, all of them Aaron Rodgers touchdown passes, in the first thirty minutes of the game.  In typical form, Bears quarterback Jay Cutler rose to the challenge with two interceptions and a fumble.  He now leads the NFL in total turnovers.  Those turnovers are costly too.  Cutler’s $126 million contract makes him the highest paid quarterback in the league.  Does a Bear shit in the woods?  Yes, and they take a dump every time they step onto the football field.  Chicago is now in last place in the NFC North.  That said, I fully expect them to beat the Vikings this week.  Purple pride is running a bit low this season.

I hope you’ve all been enjoying my game day recipes.  If anyone has a favorite they’d like me to include, please send it along and I’ll give it a try.  Something odd did just occur to me.  We’re putting the finishing touches on Week 10 of the NFL season and I’ve only used the word dip once.  That’s a tremendous oversight on my part.  Even worse, the words crock and pot haven’t come up at all.  We’re gonna take care of that right now with a delicious Chicken Wing Dip. This recipe is ridiculously easy and a definite keeper.


8 oz cream cheese

8 oz shredded Colby Jack cheese

½ cup ranch dressing

½ cup wing sauce

12 oz canned chicken


Dump everything in a crock pot. For the wing sauce, I usually use Frank’s Red-Hot Wing Sauce but feel free to substitute something else.  If you want a bit of extra kick, toss in a little minced jalapeno pepper.  Give the mess a stir, cover and cook on high for one hour,.  Give it another stir about halfway through.  That’s it.  Grab a bag of tortilla chips, pita chips or (my personal favorite) Tato Skins and dig in!  This recipe goes best with cold beer.  Then again, what doesn’t?


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