Moratorium: Blog Takes a Holiday


     A Shot at Redemption, my debut thriller novel, was released in early January of last year.  Since then, I’ve published roughly 75 blog posts totaling something in the neighborhood of 80,000 words. You can about double that if you factor in all my Turn the Page book reviews. They’re typically not as lengthy so well lowball it and say 140,000 words all told. . To put that another way, since A Shot at Redemption was published, I have written the equivalent of a second book. That’s impressive. It’s also damned depressing because Parlor City Paradise, my actual second novel, remains unfinished.

blank book cover     Here’s the good news. As anyone close to me knows, my first novel took an embarrassingly long time to complete. From that standpoint, I suppose I’m way ahead of schedule. I’m happy with the work I’ve done on my current manuscript and I’m close enough to the end that I can at least envision the finish line. That’s all very nice, but I’d set a tentative time table of one year for a first draft and I was unable to meet that goal. Once I finally do, I’ll still have to revise, share the manuscript with some beta readers, wait for feedback, revise again (see also editing) and then, at long last, publish.  Let’s just say I’m getting a little impatient.

I definitely won’t/can’t say my myriad blog posts have been a waste of time. I’ve met some interesting people and covered a lot of territory, everything from bad peanut butter, to hernias, to the worst music since the invention of the jaw harp. Let’s be honest here. Any instrument with a “twanger” is one we’re probably better off without.  I’ve learned a lot too. You can’t crank out that many words without improving at least a little bit.

In the short term, though, that flow of words is likely to slow considerably. I really want to complete the Parlor City Paradise manuscript, and the weekly blog posts are simply taking up too much of my time.  They won’t cease altogether. In fact, I have an interview coming up with Lisa O’Donnell, the bestselling author of The Death of Bees, a fascinating novel I will be posting a Turn the Page review of soon. As for other blog posts, expect them to be fewer, further between, and probably a bit shorter than my norm.  I apologize for that, and I ask for your patience and support.  Now if you don’t mind, I need to get back to work.


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