If It Weren’t for Bad Luck: Mike’s Updates July 2018

Hello friends, neighbors, and those separated from your families at the border,

These periodic communiqués are generally reserved for content related to my books. I’ll get to that shortly because I do have some rather significant news to impart. First, however, just this once, I feel it necessary to venture a fair distance outside that particular box. I beg your indulgence as well as your patience.

As you are hopefully already aware, I’ve been busily preparing for the pending release of Blind Switch, due out July 26th. It’s been challenging because my last few weeks have been what I can best describe as ungodly weird. Allow me to explain.

Ever heard of something called Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease? The ailment—virus actually—normally afflicts small children or those in regular and close proximity to those children. I don’t even remotely fit either category. Somehow, though, the misery found me and it was one of the worst experiences of my life. The main things to know about HFMD are that it’s a virus and there’s no cure. You just have to wait it out. Oh, and it hurts like hell. I had a pie hole full of ugly bumps and sores, and for two solid weeks, I suffered extreme discomfort whenever I attempted to eat, sleep, speak, breathe, brush my teeth, etc., etc. I could go into far greater detail. I could also provide pictures but I’m afraid you might lose your lunch. It’s best if we just forget the entire episode. That’s what I’m trying to do.

About the time my mouth was back to its normal, pain-free, and sarcastic self, the Sova family departed for a trip to Ireland. We were all looking forward to the break… and we didn’t get it. We lost half our exhaust system on the way to the airport, sat in traffic twice as long as we expected, and then our flight was delayed several hours. Once we finally made it across the pond, we were greeted by a heat wave the likes of which the Irish have never seen. They don’t do air conditioning a whole lot over there. Some areas still haven’t found the recipe for ice. On the plus side, it stays full daylight until about 11:00 at night this time of year so the temp never has a chance to drop all that much. The oppressive heat wasn’t our only difficulty either. Our rental van had a blow out on a tiny road about five miles outside the middle of nowhere. We finally made it to our hotel—one of the few establishments with air conditioning—only to learn there was a mix-up with reservations and they had no rooms for us. We went elsewhere and enjoyed accommodations as cool and refreshing as the inside of an elephant’s arse. We ended our “vacation” about the way we’d started it, by being obligated to go through U.S. customs and immigration not once but twice. The reason for such an inconvenience was quite simple. They’re jackasses. That’s the only explanation I could come up with.

And now for the book news, which also happens to be the silver lining around the Eeyore-type cloud that’s been following me hither and yon. First, a thousand thanks to Windsor High School art teacher Lisa Pilvelis. She foolishly accepted the task of creating what turned out to be a painstakingly complex cover design. I’m pretty sure I drove her to drink, and she might have spent a night or two in a room with rubber wallpaper. In the end, though, she produced what may well be my most eye-catching book cover yet. You can check it out now at michaelsova.com. Better yet, visit the Kindle Store, the Nook Store, or Smashwords, admire the art work there, and also pre-order your copy of the eBook. I’m sorry but I don’t have a pre-order option for the paperback but I promise the print version of Blind Switch will be available at Amazon by 7/26. This message is brought to you by the Counsel to Promote Independently Published Authors. That’s not actually a thing but you’ve got to admit it sounds good.

Mike S.


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