TTP Review of WATCHING YOU by Michael Robotham

Watching You_RobothamMarne Logan sells herself for money. She doesn’t want to do it but her husband has disappeared and, without proof that he’s dead, the insurance company refuses to process the life insurance claim. Marne can’t even gain access to his bank account. She’s overdue on the rent, and has to sell the television just so she can afford groceries. As if her situation wasn’t already desperate enough, she finds out her husband ran up about thirty thousand dollars in gambling debts. She’s now responsible, and it’s made painfully clear to her that she will pay one way or another. She agrees to work as a paid escort because she has no other choice. Then, the man turning the screws on her (pardon the pun) ends up dead.

Professor and child psychologist Joe O’Loughlin agrees to look into the husband’s disappearance and that’s when things really get strange. Marne lost her mother at a young age and under tragic circumstances. How well she recovered is debatable. She acted out against the many foster children her father and stepmother cared for, and spent years receiving psychiatric treatment. She seems to have left all that far behind except for one troubling fact. For most of Marne’s life, anyone who has wronged her has been made to suffer in a big way. Those still around to talk about it swear she’s the devil incarnate. She claims no knowledge of any of it but even O’Lougyhlin has a hard time dismissing the mounting evidence against her. Does Marne truly have a disassociate personality, as one psychiatrist suggests, or has someone else been watching her and doing her dirty work? The answer will shock you.

I’ve only discovered psychological thriller author Michael Robotham within the past several months yet I already consider him one of my favorites. For more on that subject, I encourage you to peruse my Turn the Page reviews of Say You’re Sorry and Bleed for Me. I can’t say unequivocally that Watching You is Robotham’s best work to date. It’s the ninth novel in the Joe O’Loughlin series and I’ve only read three of them so far. Even with that admittedly small sample size, picking a favorite would, to me, be like trying to choose between pepperoni or sausage as the best pizza topping. It’s all great. If you are a fan of the suspense-thriller genre and you haven’t read anything by Michael Robotham than you’re doing yourself a disservice. Start with Watching You, which I know you’ll love, and go from there. You won’t be disappointed.


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