NFL Week 16 Recap: Queso Dip and a Final Salute to the Bad News Bears


It’s amazing how something as seemingly inconsequential as a comma or a capital letter can change the entire meaning of a sentence.  I’ll give you an example.  You might say I helped my uncle, Jack, off a horse.  Or, I helped my uncle jack off a horse.  See what I mean.  Our quote of the week comes from former Cowboys fullback and current FOX NFL analyst Daryl Johnston.  I know the following sentence should have punctuation but I don’t want to misinterpret his words and I have no idea what in hell he meant when he said   i mean when is football football anymore at some point today     I honestly don’t know if he was offering some commentary on the current state of the NFL or if he says things like that all the time as a result of too many blows to the head.

My involvement in football pools and fantasy leagues is really for entertainment purposes only.  However, it’s certainly more entertaining when said involvement pays dividends and that definitely has not been the case this season.  A dominant fantasy season ultimately ended in failure yet again, and when it comes to making game predictions, I couldn’t pick my way out of a wet paper bag.  My many disappointments notwithstanding, the season has not been a total loss; quite the contrary.  It’s been a thoroughly enjoyable season if for no other reason than I’ve had legitimate reasons to bash the Bears on almost a weekly basis.  Some things never get old so here we go once again.

With a 2014 base salary of over $20 million, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is the highest paid offensive player in the NFL.  That, in itself, is offensive but that’s an entirely different story.  Based on current stats, he’s making just under $1 million per interception thrown or just under $3 million per fumble lost.  Let’s break it down another way.  Cutler will earn more this season than Andrew Luck, Tom Brady,Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, Matthew Stafford and Mark Sanchez COMBINED!  Do you have any idea how ridiculously insane that is?  All but one of the quarterbacks just mentioned successfully guided his team into the playoffs.  Cutler guided his off a cliff, and in doing so likely cost a head coach, a general manager and an offensive coordinator their jobs.

Of course, as much as I might like to, I can’t place this whole Bears debacle on Jay Cutler’s unreliable shoulders.  Prior to their Week 15 drubbing at the hands of the New Orleans Saints, offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer tearfully admitted that he was the team source behind a published report highly critical of Cutler’s performance.  Days later, head coach Marc Trestman decided to bench Cutler in favor of Jimmy Clausen.  Clausen should be a good fit for the Bears.  In four seasons with the Panthers, he recorded 3 touchdown passes, 9 interceptions and a fumble.  The change probably had to be made anyway, but Trestman couldn’t have handled it any worse.  No official announcement was made until Thursday, yet the Bears players and most of the rest of the world found out by watching ESPN Wednesday night.

CutlerWe have to point a finger at general manager Phil Emery as well since he’s the one that gave Cutler the monster contract in the first place.  Jay has a cannon for an arm and can throw a football through a brick wall, but he’s always taken too many chances on the field and, with very few exceptions, has never gotten along well with coaches or teammates.  With that sort of resume, why would anyone offer him a long term deal worth upwards of $125 million?  Emery will have plenty of time to ponder that decision once he’s out of a job.

For more on Cutler, I encourage you to visit the Smokin’ Jay Cutler website, dedicated to the “most apathetic looking athlete in the history of sports.

It’s hard to believe the 2014 NFL regular season is nearly at an end.  The playoffs are virtually upon us and I think it’s time to turn up the heat on our game day recipes.  We’ll call this one Mucho Macho Queso Dip.  It’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser whether there’s football on or not.



1 pound ground chorizo

1 cup diced red onion

½ cup chopped jalapeno (or red chili) peppers

4 cloves fresh minced garlic

1 generous shot (roughly 2 oz.) tequila

1 pound shredded queso quesadilla (oaxaca or queso oaxaca) cheese

1 tsp sea salt

¼ to ½ cup binger beer or ginger ale

1 cup diced tomatoes

½ cup chopped fresh cilantro

½ cup chopped green onions

an abundance of corn tortilla chips



Preheat oven to 400.  Brown chorizo in a large oven safe skillet over medium heat.  Stir in onions , peppers and garlic.  You may want to drain the grease if you’re using beef or pork chorizo.  Return to heat and add tequila.  Let simmer for about 45 seconds.  You want the alcohol to burn off but the flavor to be left behind.  Stir in cheese, sea salt and soda.   Place skillet in oven and bake for 15 to 18 minutes. Stir, and top with tomatoes, onions and cilantro.  Serve with tortilla chips and more tequila.


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