NFL Week 11 Recap: Quarterbacks and Crunchy Frogs


For this week’s update, I would greatly appreciate your patience while we revisit a familiar theme–Nobody Knows Nothin’ Bout Nothin’.  And this year, the team we know nothin’ bout the most is the New York Jets.  You’ve heard that life is like a box of chocolates.  The reason?   “You never know what you’re gonna get.”  There is an implication there. Although your standard box of chocolateschocolates may have a bit of mystery attached, it’s a good bet you’ll find something you like.  One could use the same analogy for the Jets; well, at least that part about not knowing what you’re gonna get.  The difference?  There’s a much greater chance you won’t like it.  With the Jets’ always unpredictable assortment of confections, you may anticipate rich, delicious caramel and nougat and instead sink your unsuspecting teeth into a crunchy frog or something equally slimy and disgusting.  Just three weeks ago, the Jets were blown out by the Bengals to the tune of 49 to 9.  A week later, they recorded an impressive not to mention  stunning win over the Saints.  That’s been their MO all season long.  The Jets were winners in Weeks 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9, and losers in Weeks 2, 4, 6 and 8.  You can set your clock by it.  They had a bye in Week 10 or, presumably, they would have lost then as well… or maybe not.  The Jets had what looked like an easy matchup in Week 11, and it was an odd numbered week.  Following the trend, that should have been a win.  But just to keep us guessing, they were blasted by the  Bills, a team they’d already beaten once this season.  What accounts for so much inconsistency?  Look no further than rookie quarterback  He was benched on Sunday.  That move might have been long overdue.  There’s no question Smith has done some good things this season.  He’s also made some really, really bad mistakes.  His version of the butt fumble was the most blatant but they’re been plenty of others.  As a team, the Jets have committed twenty-one turnovers through their first ten games.  Geno Smith was responsible for twenty of them.  G–G–G–Geno and the Jets travel to Baltimore in Week 12.  No word yet on whether or not he’ll still be under center.

Of course, the Jets aren’t the only team with quarterback issues.  Here’s a little trivia question for you.  This should be pretty easy.  What do the Jets, Falcons, Texans and Vikings have in common?  Yes, they all stink and they’re all coming off embarrassing losses.  Anything else?  Sure.  They all just benched their starting quarterbacks.  What more could you expect from four teams with a combined record of 11 – 3?  And in the case of the Vikings and Texans, quarterback benchings are certainly nothing new.  Since the start of the season, the Texans have gone from Matt Schaub, to T. J. Yates, to Case Keenum, and now back to Schaub.  And the rudderless Vikings’ ship has had thirteen different captains just since 2007.  So far this season, they’ve changed quarterbacks about every other game.  They started with  Christian Ponder, whose spent the past three seasons proving unequivocally that he’s not “the guy.”  Matt Cassel then got his turn, and actually won a game before returning to his spot on the well-worn bench.  Buccaneers castoff Josh Freeman was next in line.  He made his debut Week 7 and put together one of the most pathetic performances in the history of Monday Night Football.  Freeman hasn’t been seen since… but his time could be coming.  What do you do when the quarterback carousel spins all the way around?  You pay another quarter and ride again.  The Vikings went back to previously-benched Christian Ponder, who already has his Minnesota home up for sale, and Ponder was again replaced by Cassel.  There’s no telling who will be under center when the Vikings play the Packers on Sunday.  Maybe they’ll bring in Tim Tebow.  I’m guessing he’s not busy these days and would probably give them a better chance to win.


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