How would you describe your writing process?

 How do you approach cover design?











How would describe your writing process?

I am very much a discovery writer or what’s often called a “pantser.” Although I have tried outlining, anything I’ve planned generally goes to hell as soon as I begin putting words to paper or monitor as the case may be. I realize the story needs to go somewhere other than where I’d originally intended. At that point, I’m pretty much just along for the ride. That writing style admittedly presents some problems but can be surprisingly, exciting and rewarding as well.


How do you approach cover design?

It depends entirely on the project. With “A Shot at Redemption,” I pretty much knew what the cover should look like even before I finished writing the book. There’s a racing theme so I definitely wanted to capture the action and drama of that, but also clearly show that there was something far more ominous going on. I contacted my graphic designer, explained my vision and she took care of the rest. “Parlor City Paradise” required a completely different approach. As an independently published author, I don’t have much of a support staff. Ultimately, everything begins and ends with me. I knew I wanted the “Parlor City Paradise” cover to capture two contradictory emotions: hopelessness and optimism. What I didn’t know was how to achieve that. I opted to turn the problem over to my readers and I sponsored a photo contest. I was beyond thrilled with the results. I love all my book covers, but that one will always hold a special place in my heart.

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