Nearing the Finish: Mike’s Updates January, 2018

Hello once again,


I hope this dispatch finds you well and that the first few weeks of 2018 have met all your dreams and expectations. I was doing swimmingly until last night when my beloved Minnesota Vikings collectively, metaphorically, and epically fell on their swords. I should have seen it coming. Alas, about all I can do now is pretend it never happened as I commence spouting that too-familiar mantra, We’ll get ‘em next year!


In my last newsletter I commented on the rousing success of my A Shot at Redemption free book promotion. I’m sorry to say there are no freebies this time around. I only bring it up again because it appears that promotion may have paid a dividend I didn’t anticipate. My two main objectives were to give away a bunch of books and hopefully collect some new reviews in the process. That second part hasn’t panned out quite yet. However, several newcomers have recently subscribed to my email list. I am extremely grateful to each and every one of you. I’m also curious as to just how you found out about me. Since publishing my first novel just over four years ago, getting my name and work in the public eye has been my single largest challenge. So, if you are a new arrival, I’d really appreciate it if you’d drop me a line at and tell me how I ended up on your radar. And again, thanks!


In other business, I am inching ever closer to completing Blind Switch, my third and what I believe will prove to be my best suspense novel to date. The manuscript isn’t done, but it’s close enough that I’ve shared the first copy with one of my most trusted beta readers. The feedback I receive should help me clear those final few hurdles and finally push this thing across the finish line. I appreciate your patience. And, although I’m not ready to let the entire cat out of the bag, I am willing to open the top and give you a tiny peek at some whiskers and maybe a small, quivering nose.


Blind Switch is semi-autobiographical in the sense that one of the main characters is an author who also happens to be legally blind. She’s written the first two novels in a bestselling trilogy about the Deepwater Horizon disaster. Turns out that oil rig explosion may have actually been an act of sabotage. Also, the fictionalized account of the saga may have more basis in reality than anyone knows. One thing is clear. Someone is very angry and will stop at nothing to make sure the final book in the trilogy never sees the light of day.


Yeah, so that’s all you get for now. I hope you are intrigued.


Mike S.

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