Mike’s Updates March 2019: Parlor City Paradise Countdown Deal


It has now been four months since the release of Candy Canes: A Story of Joy, Revenge, and Christmas, and over seven months since I published Blind Switch, my latest thriller novel. You hopefully took advantage of the recent promotion and picked up a copy of that for free. If not, what can I say? You snooze, you lose. Fortunately, because I’m a generous soul and an all around fine human being—humility is not one of my strong suits—I’m presenting you with another great opportunity. More on that in a few moments. In the meantime, if you did get Blind Switch, please read it, love it, and post an embarrassingly glowing review. It would be much appreciated.

Although there are no new Michael Sova releases on the immediate horizon, I want to assure you that I have not been simply sitting around on my duff. Incidentally, in addition to one’s derriere, did you know the term duff can also be used to describe plant material, an Indian frame drum, any number of British war ships, or a Bohemian dish? Add plum to it and you’ve got a medieval dessert.   It’s true, and I haven’t been sitting on any of those things. To the contrary, I’ve been hard at work on two different projects.

     I already mentioned Candy Canes, a Christmas-themed short story I wrote with William Todd, EM Kaplan, and JD Kaplan. William and I especially enjoyed that experience and, after much discussion, have decided to tackle a second collaboration. What began as one of his horror short stories will eventually be transformed into a full on suspense novel. We don’t have a title yet nor am I willing to share any details. I will tell you it will likely be the grittiest thing either of us has ever written.

While that’s going on, I’m also up to my eyeballs in a sequel to Parlor City Paradise. I don’t have a title for that yet either. Ricky, Carl, Skid Row, and Bullfrog are all back for more so maybe I should call it Parlor City Pathetic but I’m hoping to come up with something with a bit more pizzazz. Here’s one thing I have come up with and it’s another great deal for you, assuming you act quickly enough that is. It all ties in too. To get you warmed up for the sequel, I’ve got a special Countdown Deal on Parlor City Paradise. Get the Kindle version right now for just $0.99. Don’t wait, though. That price is only good until this Wednesday, March 13th. That’s when the price goes up to $1.99 for another two days. It will then be $2.99 for a couple days before returning to the regular price. As the saying goes, the early bird catches the best deal on undervalued yet still very high quality fiction. To save some trouble I’m providing you with a link. Happy reading.



Mike S.

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