June Update: Paperbacks, Promotion and a Plea for Help


It has been another busy month. The copyediting for A Shot at Redemption is complete, and the new and greatly improved version of the book is available on Amazon. In theory, anyone who purchased the book previously should have been notified that there was an update available. For whatever reason, that didn’t happen. However, if you delete the book and download it again, you should get the update at no charge. Please let me know if you have any trouble. I’m also happy to report that, at long last, A Shot at Redemption has been formatted for the Nook. It’s waiting for you at Barnes and Noble right now!

I have some other A Shot at Redemption news but I need to get something off my chest first. I owe Mark Andrews an apology. I interviewed Mark back in May. Here’s the post in case you missed it. Mark is a voiceover expert, an audio book narrator, a radio morning man and a jack of pretty much all trades. It’s really kind of disgusting. But what I neglected to mention in our interview is that he graciously and very skillfully designed my book cover. He’d never created anything like that before and still did a bang up job. I bring that up now because I am having a new cover designed. That’s not because I am in any way dissatisfied with Mark’s efforts. I absolutely love what he did. It just isn’t high enough resolution for print. Also, print books require a cover that incorporates back and spine. Do you get where I’m going here? Yes, a paperback version of A Shot at Redemption is on the way. I don’t have a timetable as yet but the wheels are very definitely in motion. I have my cover designer hunt narrowed to two and I’ll likely have made my final decision by the time this update is published.

One more quick note on Mark before we move on. This really doesn’t have much to do with anything. I came across a sort of keepsake.  It’s about the only one I have left and I thought I’d share it with you. Mark and I worked together years ago. I had the mid-day air shift at WRNS radio. I’m not sure what Mark did there but he always found time to wander into the control room if there was free food available. Take a listen.  Mark and I are the ones doing most of the talking.

Okay, onward and upward. I won’t go full force until my book is in print but I am starting to ramp up my promotional efforts. Coming up on the 27th of this month, one of my blog posts will be featured on the Murder By 4 website. I don’t know how long the post will stay there but please be sure to check it out. In addition, I’ve discovered a website called Bublish. Authors create easily sharable “book bubbles” they can use to promote their work. They’re still working out some kinks. For example, the spacing on the excerpt I posted is kind of weird and there doesn’t seem to be anything I can do about it. It’s still a clever idea and I think it will be great once everything is ironed out.  Have a look.

Finally, I have a request. I’ve been blogging for about a year now. I’ve made some progress and even picked up a few new subscribers along the way. It’s still an uphill climb and I’ve barely gotten started. If, by chance, I ever write anything you find compelling, thought-provoking, inspiring, funny or even remotely interesting, please share it, like it, tell somebody about it, or print out a few hundred copies and leave one under the driver’s side wiper blade on every vehicle at your local mall. I’m attempting to fill a big damn bucket and every drop helps.


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