July Update: Nothing to See Here


Would you be surprised if I told you the year is already more than half over? We are, after all, well into the month of July. Check your calendar. You will find that I speak the truth. Days are getting shorter, and we are closer to our next new year’s celebration than we are removed from our last one. Hell, at the time of this posting, there are only about 165 shopping days left until Christmas! Hmm…. Is it inappropriate to use the words hell and Christmas in the same sentence? Where was I going with all of this anyway? I’m honestly not sure. And that, it occurs to me now, is sort of the point of this whole thing.

Before I attempt to plow forward, please allow me a few moments to sum up what’s happened over the past several weeks. First and foremost, Parlor City Paradise, my second novel and a work I’m quite proud of, finally hit the market. I’d like to say there was much fanfare but, in actuality, the release of the novel was about as earth shattering as Jimmy McMillan’s 2016 presidential campaign.

radar blip You’ve surely heard of Jimmy. He’s a karate expert, former postal worker, former stripper, and founder of the well-known Rent is Too Damn High party. Oh, and he officially ran for president, not that anyone really noticed.   And it appears James “Jimmy” McMillan III and I have something in common. We both tried to do something significant, resulting in two tiny blips on one big ass radar. Here’s the difference. Jimmy’s political aspirations are dead and buried. I, on the other hand, will continue to fight the good fight in the hopes that someday, somehow, someone will start giving a crap. In the meantime, I would greatly appreciate it if you would do me one small favor. If you read and enjoyed either of my books, please tell a friend and perhaps even post a review. With your help, I can begin to get this ball rolling.

For independently published authors, it typically takes a minimum of three books to even begin to establish a brand, a fan base, a following, etc. That’s what I’m told anyway, and that’s the fragile lifeline I’m currently clinging to. If I keep producing quality work, that effort will eventually be acknowledged and appreciated. That, at least, is the prevailing theory. And if it doesn’t pan out, perhaps I’ll go back to cleaning grease traps at McDonald’s. I used to be really good at that. I also once dumped a 55 gallon drum of hot oil right across the drive-thru lane. I probably won’t mention that on my employment application.

Okay, so 3 is the magic number and that means my next book has to really be something special. I’m facing a bit of a dilemma there.   I’ve mentioned my 21 Sundays of Fantastic Football Food cookbook a few times before. The manuscript is now complete and I think there’s a lot of commercial potential because the recipes are easy and delicious and the overall concept is new and different. Here’s the thing. I’ve inquired about beta readers in a couple writers forums I belong to and, so far, I haven’t gotten so much as a nibble. Am I reaching out to the wrong people or is my totally awesome idea not so awesome after all? I don’t have an answer to that one and, at this juncture, I’m not sure how best to proceed.  A book such as this would require a fairly significant investment on my part and I haven’t decided yet if it’s an investment worth making.

Rest assured I am not spending my days staring at the computer screen while pondering the age old question of to publish or not to publish. I have started work on a third novel. I don’t have a title and I can’t divulge any plot details just yet either. That’s not because I’m afraid of spoiling surprises. I simply don’t have anything to tell. I’m three chapters in and, although I’ve got a few thoughts, assumptions and disjointed ideas, I have no real clue where the story will take me. Characters thus far include a comedian, an assassin and a fiction author. At least one of those characters will not be around at the end of the book and may not even make it to the end of the current chapter.  That’s all I can offer for now. I might be able to share a bit more in next month’s update… but I wouldn’t count on it.


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