July 2017: Mama Didn’t Raise No Fools

Hello Friends,

This just in. I am a genius. I realize that may come as a bit of a stunner but my claim is now in writing and that makes it true. This isn’t part of the fake news cycle either. I have recently come into possession of what the NFL replay rules would term “indisputable visual evidence,” and it all clearly indicates I am smarter than the average bear. Allow me to explain.

I have authored a cookbook called 21 Sundays of Fantastic Football Food. It’s a collection of game day recipes, as the title suggests, but I also incorporate stories from the NFL as well as my own life. The overall tone is light, humorous and there is a distinct personal touch. Of course, a cookbook is more than words on paper. You really need that visual component. Two problems. I’m a novelist and I’m blind as a bat. What do I know from visual?

The answer is nothing. I couldn’t draw a straight line even if the entire world suddenly became two dimensional. I’m not sure that even makes sense but I think you get my point. I am, to put it mildly, artistically challenged. I can, however, think outside the box. I did it when I sponsored the photo contest that lead to the totally awesome cover for Parlor City Paradise . And, because I know enough not to try to fix what ain’t broke, I had the sense to return to that same reliable well.

No, I did not ask my enormous (euphemism for miniscule) fan base to send in food photos.   The idea has merit but I did something even better. On a whim, I contacted Lisa Pilvelis, an art teacher at Windsor Central High School. I explained what I was looking for, and she was so enthusiastic she assigned my book as a 4th quarter class project. As Austin Powers would say, “Yeah, Baby!” Long story short, I now have nine fantastic illustrations that will serve to make 21 Sundays of Fantastic Football Food truly unique.   You can find out for yourself soon enough. I am still targeting an August release date. More on that next time.

I almost forgot.   These updates are supposed to include what’s known in the trade as a “call to action.” Yeah… so… when the book comes out, do me a favor and buy it. Tell your friends too. Thanks.


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