FREE Summer Reading: Mike’s Updates June 2019

Hello again,

Although it may feel like the warm weather has been a longtime coming, especially if you live in the northeast, I assure you that summer is on the way. ‘Tis the season of baseball, hot dogs, Cracker Jacks (Do they even make those anymore?) and, of course, beer, which goes exceedingly well with all of the above but I digress. Schools will soon be letting out, if they haven’t already, and then we can spend the next several months relaxing poolside, seaside, or on our own private islands. Of course, for most of us, that would be Fantasy Island because such a scenario, as majestic as it sounds, has no basis in reality.

Let’s say you’re lucky enough to finagle a family vacation or a romantic getaway. You’ll still spend far more time this summer at your desk than on the beach, and I’m sorry but that lawn isn’t going to mow itself Mister. Put it that way and the long sunny days we’ve so yearned for have suddenly lost much of their allure. Well, don’t despair. So maybe you’d don’t have a swim-up bar readily available. I can give you the next best thing. Reader’s note: I may have taken some slight liberties with the word next. If swim-up bar is the gold standard, my offering probably correlates better to one of the less precious medals. I’m thinking aluminum foil, but please use the British pronunciation so it sounds as silly as possible.

If you are among the many to whom extended R & R at a swank resort somehow isn’t in the cards just now, you should at least be able to swing a few hours in a hammock (pardon the pun) or your favorite comfy chair. Relax and lose yourself in a good book. Better yet, make it a FREE book. For the next three days, download a Kindle copy of A Shot at Redemption, my debut thriller novel, at no charge. You don’t have to sign up for anything. You won’t be asked to share personal information. Just use the link below to download and then enjoy with my compliments. This is an Amazon exclusive. It’s happening right now and will end this Saturday night 6/15 so don’t wait. Happy summer reading!

Mike S.

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