Football Food, Cookbooks and Flashbacks


I am nearly finished with the first draft of Parlor City Paradise, my second novel. Once initial revisions are done and the manuscript is in the reliable hands of my beta readers, I can begin to turn my attention to my next project. As you may already know, I plan on writing a football-themed cookbook. That’s why I posted recipes all last season. I’m still collecting those, but I’d really like this to be something more than a bunch of pages devoted to pulled pork sliders, chicken wing dip, Mexican pizza and so on.

Although I’ve only been blogging for about two years now, I’ve been writing about football a whole lot longer. I have a fairly extensive digital library of my gridiron musings. Much of that collection is too dated to be of any use. However, some excerpts are timeless enough, relevant enough and hopefully funny enough to be worthy of re-introduction, especially since relatively few people saw them the first time around. This season, I plan on posting some of those old…   better make that classic excerpts and I’d love to know what you think.   We’ll call them football flashbacks. Those that make the cut may end up in my cookbook. By the way, the working title is 21 Sundays of Fantastic Football Food. I think that’s pretty good; although it occurs to be now that, if I plan on writing about more than just food, I may need to add a subtitle to that. Any suggestions?


This first football flashback is from Week 8 of the 2009 season. Remember when the Washington Redskins mortgaged their future so they could draft Robert Griffin III? That actually happened in 2012, but it turns out the team’s… uh… issues go back much further than that. As I continue to sift through my old postings, I have a feeling this may become a familiar theme.


Week 8 2009:

I really don’t go out of my way to look for reasons to slam the Washington Redskins. You might not believe that but it’s true, and some of this stuff is too good to pass up. How many more rings can they add to their on-going circus? Last week, Redskins fans, and there evidently still are some, were told that they could no longer brings signs to Redskins home games. That is supposedly a long-standing policy that the team has never bothered enforcing… until now. And, they’ve taken it a step further. Local media is suddenly prohibited from interviewing fans on stadium property. The reasoning behind this is simple enough. They don’t want the fans criticizing the team. I said the reasoning was simple. I didn’t say it made sense. When the team stinks, fans are going to criticize. Haters gonna hate, right? It’s what they do. So what happens when this new policy proves ineffectual and reports of the team’s failures continue to leak out? Will fans then be told they can no longer attend games? No worries there. Plenty of them have come to that decision on their own. Halloween came early to Fed Ex field. Have you noticed all the people dressed up as empty seats? That costume’s really catching on.    


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