December Update: Ahead of the Game… for a Change


So here’s something you haven’t heard me say before. I’m ahead of schedule. In my last update, I said I’d like to have my first round of Parlor City Paradise revisions completed by Christmas. It’s the 4th of December and I’m already done. My copy editor, a retired English teacher I generally refer to as Mom, has the manuscript now and she’s mainly searching for punctuation errors. I am notorious for leaving out quote marks. I know where they’re supposed to go. I just don’t always remember to put them there. Anyway, once she’s finished, it will be up to my beta readers to review the book and then rake me through the coals. I actually think the novel is pretty good, but I better get some negative feedback or you people aren’t doing your jobs.  I’ve enjoyed the writing and revising process and I know there will be more revisions to come. For now, though, it will be nice to set the project aside for a time while I await comments and criticism.

I have news related to A Shot at Redemption as well. Come to think of it; I’ve got two newses. First, through the end of this month, the book will be on sale at Shop 607 in the Oakdale Mall. If you are in the greater Binghamton area and still have holiday shopping to do, please stop by and check it out. Shop 607 isn’t just a book store. In fact, it’s hardly a bookstore at all.  They do sell books, along with arts, crafts, food items, other goodies, and everything is entirely local. I’ve already made a couple purchases there and I plan to go back. And if all goes well, I will have an author event of some sort at Shop 607 on Saturday, December 19th. I’ll provide more info as it becomes available.

Mike & Mark with the Carolina Panthers cheerleaders
Mike & Mark with the Carolina Panthers cheerleaders

And here’s the one I’m really excited about. Does the name Mark Andrews ring any bells? I hope so. He’s a voice over expert and I interviewed him for my blog some months ago. If you haven’t already done so, please read the interview because it’s quite interesting. Mark isn’t just a voice over guy either. He’s a radio morning man, a program director, and now a station owner. Oh, and he narrates audio books.  After much begging and cajoling—Can I get a drum roll please?—he’s agreed to narrate mine. Yes, A Shot at Redemption will be available in the audio format. I’m extremely excited because I’ve known Mark a long time and he always does fantastic work. He’s so good that, when you listen to A Shot at Redemption, you might get the impression the author actually knew what he was doing. Now that’s talent. There’s no timetable yet for the audio release but I’ll keep you posted.




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