August Update: If You Can’t Say Something Nice…


I’ve made an interesting discovery.  It appears time flies whether you’re having fun or not.  I feel like summer’s barely started yet we’re already into August and our calendars are down to just five pages.  Before we know it, old Santa will be cramming his cookie-filled belly down our chimneys once again; but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

just front coverSo what’s been happening over the past month?  Plenty actually.  For starters, as I’m sure you’ve already noticed, A Shot at Redemption has a fancy-shmancy new cover.  Thank you to graphic designer Robin Gilbertson, Oswego Speedway photographer Mike “Pinner” Johnson, and thanks also to my long-time friend Mike Marble.  Mike said from day one I should have a cover that embraced the story’s auto racing theme.  I was afraid I’d end up with something that was all tires and checkered flags and it would chase away any potential non-race fan readers.  It is not, after all, a book about racing.  It’s a thriller, a suspense novel, and I wanted that to be perfectly clear to anyone who does in fact judge a book by the cover.  I’m extremely pleased with the new design.  There’s obviously a racing connection but it’s just as clear that there’s a lot of other stuff going on.  I hope you all agree.

And I have bigger and better A Shot at Redemption news.  Last Friday, I received the first-ever paperback copy.  It’s currently the only one in existence and it looks really, really good.  Unfortunately, it’s not available for sale just yet.  Due to a minor formatting issue that isn’t worth trying to explain.  the type and line spacing came out a lot larger and wider than I expected.  As a result, it’s one big mother of a book, more than an inch and a half thick.  That little formatting glitch has since been corrected.  In doing so, my page count dropped from 550+ to 424.   Better still, my cost per copy dropped by over $1.00.  I am extremely happy about that.  I don’t have an exactly timetable for the paperback release but it’s coming soon.  I plan on selling books at the Oswego Speedway this Labor Day Weekend.  I had the opportunity to talk about that at Oswego this past Saturday night.  Take a look.

You’ve heard the old Expression.  If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.  I’d like to revise that.  If you can’t say something nice, try a little harder.   I’ve asked before that you please post reviews of books you read and enjoy.  There’s nothing more important to an author.  Okay, book sales are more important; but without reviews, those sales are a whole lot harder to come by.  I’m very serious, and it’s especially true for new authors.  One thing authors can do to try to get noticed is submit their work to sites like BookBub.  If the title is accepted, information about the book will be emailed to thousands of people who are specifically interested in the genre.  Such customized mailings are proven to drive sales.  However, without a certain number of reviews, authors aren’t even allowed to submit.  People tell me all the time that they’ve never written a book review.  Um, so what?  No one’s going to grade your.  You enter a rating, write a sentence or two, help out potential buyers and make an author’s life a little easier.  As a bonus, you get the satisfaction of knowing you made a difference.  And in case there’s still any doubt, it really, REALLY does make a difference.

I continue to make minor adjustments to  Most recently, I’ve enhanced the notification functionality so, if you comment on one of my posts, you’ll find it much easier to follow the conversation.  You can test that new feature if you comment on next week’s interview with magician, survivalist, bow fisherman and Twins of Prey author (yes, you read all that correctly) W. C. Hoffman.  And next month, I will have the extreme honor and privilege of interviewing award-winning, bestselling author James Scott Bell.  Speaking of, if you haven’t already done so, I urge you to pick up a copy of Thrill Ride: 8 Pulse-Pounding Novels.  It’s currently just 99¢ (limited time only) and includes stories from James Scott Bell and my July interview subject, J. F. Penn.  Her new book Delirium was released last month.                          

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