April Update: Agents, Revisions and Queries–Oh My


     It’s been several weeks since my last personal update.  I thought I should take some time to catch you up on what’s been happening.  I am of course continuing with my blog postings.  Turn the Page book reviews are published every Friday.    This week, I look at Never Go Back, the latest novel in Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series.  Child always intrigues me because he’s somehow able to break so many of the hard and fast rules of writing yet still crank out one great book after another.  I go into much more detail in my review.  If you’re not a TTP subscriber, click here and you can have every review emailed to you automatically as soon as it’s posted.  My Wishful Thinking blog posts are generally published on Thursdays.  In the coming weeks, I will interview audio book narrator and voice over expert Mark Andrews, and put the worst salary structure in pro sports under the microscope.  Again, you can subscribe here.   

DCIM100SPORT     I’ve been working on my second novel for about the past eight months.  It is a huge departure from A Shot at Redemption.  There are no race cars, no sick kids, no sabotage and, at least so far, no guns.  I have a feeling that could change.  In the sort of Elmore Leonard vein, I’ve created a bunch of characters who are, for the most part, all losers.  A few of them are hopefully still likeable.  I don’t have a title for the book yet.  I can tell you the idea was sparked by a bicycle accident.  Weird, right?  What can I say?  I’ll take inspiration wherever I can find it.  I have about a dozen chapters complete.  Maybe I’ll post an excerpt one of these days.  Or, maybe I won’t.   

     Unfortunately, this new novel has been pushed somewhat onto the back burner because of two other endeavors.  First, I’m still very busy reducing the size of the A Shot at Redemption manuscript.  I’m now just south of 175,000 words.  That’s more than 30,000 less than where I started.  By the time this is posted, I’ll hopefully be under 170,000 with just a few chapters to go.  It’s all about making the book more marketable, which leads to my other endeavor.  

     My website, my Facebook fan page, my blogs and my Twitter account were all created with one goal in mind.  If you’re interested, I’m on Google+ and goodreads as well.  The end game is visibility and I’m told this is the way you do it.  To get an agent or publisher seriously interested in me, I need to show her/him/them that I’m serious about my work.  Nothing says serious like a well-worded tweet.  Anyway, I’m doing what I can, and lately that’s meant querying literary agents.  I didn’t really do any of that at first.  I figured a self published e-book was good enough.  For the record, I figured wrong and I know now that I was selling myself short.  Thank you again to Campbell Award winner Mur Lafferty for helping to point that out.  I’ve been sending out a few new queries each day.  Most of the responses have been form letter rejections.  I would have been shocked if it were otherwise.  That said, two agents have requested additional materials.  That’s a good thing and, if anything develops, I’ll surely let you know.              


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