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       I’m in the final stage of revisions on Parlor City Paradise, my second novel. About all that remains is to dot a few I’s, cross some t’s and insert those pesky quotation marks I still have a tendency to […]

Bribery, Child Exploitation and Shameless Self Promotion: The Life of an India Author

With the exceptions of self publishing my first novel and doing one book signing last summer at the Oswego Speedway, I haven’t done a heck of a lot that’s really made me feel like an author. That’s about to change […]

Buddy, Booger and Big Burps

        Will Ferrell is known for, among other things, what’s arguably the most impressive belch in the history of motion pictures.  If you’ve ever seen Elf, you surely know what I’m referring to.  Buddy (the elf) sits down for […]

I Am Absolutely Not Wearing That

     I’d like you to meet my daughter, Samantha.  She’s eleven years old and badly in need of some new clothes.  She didn’t want any for Christmas and no one bothered getting her any.  We’ve all learned our lesson.  If […]

NFL Week 6 Recap: A Study in Sportsmanship

  I’m going to throw something on the table and you’re welcome to try and debate it if you’d like.  The Chicago Bears are the best professional football team in the entire greater Chicago area, and I’m not just saying […]

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