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Stop the Music, Please!

With the exception of last week’s post about an unwise wager, and one unfortunate incident involving Baltimore Orioles outfielder Adam Jones, a disgruntled San Francisco Giants fan and a banana, I haven’t blogged much about baseball.  That’s because I have […]

NFL Week 5 Recap: Losing Streaks and Coffee Enemas

THE CLEVELAND BROWNS ARE IN FIRST PLACE!  Although I only started blogging my football updates a few weeks ago, I’ve been writing them for years and I’m quite sure that first sentence is one I’ve not only never written before […]

NFL Week 4 Recap: Butt Fumble, the Sequel

Before turning our attention to Week 4, I’d like to put a final coat of polish on something that happened in Week 3.  The Broncos,   in case you haven’t been paying attention, are good.  They ripped the Ravens and Giants […]

NFL Week 3 Recap: NFC Metldown

There’s never a bad time for a reference to a classic Christmas movie.  As Bill Murray said in Scrooged, “What the hell is going on here?”  We’re now three weeks into the 2013 NFL season.  By all accounts, the NFC […]

The Best Kept Secret

     Cash settled in the cockpit and worked his fingers inside his gloves.  He checked to make sure the fuel and kill switch were both off and pulled the lever to put the car in gear.  It slid in easily.  […]

Going Bananas

I’m not big on social commentary so let me apologize in advance for the following post. When I sea a headline like Fan apologizes for throwing banana, I assume I’m about to read something pretty funny, preferably with a byline […]

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