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Greetings from the Scrap Heap

     In last week’s blog post, Writer’s Block, the Road to Hell, and DEVO, I discussed how difficult it can be to move forward when the words just won’t come, and how, when you’ve finally got something you think is […]

The Christmas Gift (Part 2)

     The first half of this story was published last week.  If you haven’t read it yet, just scroll down.  It’s posted below.  For those who have read it, allow me to refresh your memory.  A mysterious present showed up under Josh’s Christmas tree.  He […]

The Christmas Gift (part 1)

   I spent the month reading and critiquing Christmas stories for my Turn the Page book reviews.  I’ve never actually written a Christmas story before and thought it might be fun to try.  What if a mysterious package suddenly showed up under the tree a full week […]

Silver Lining

     Each month, Writer’s Digest runs a contest based on a writing prompt.  They give the prompt.  You submit a 750 word original short story using that prompt.  Judges select a winner.  The winning entry gets published in the magazine […]

Apples (part 2)

     If you didn’t read last week’s blog post, you might want to do that first since this is the second part of that story.  When my mom read this, she told me it was about sex.  I’d greatly appreciate […]


     I’m still pretty new to this whole blogging thing.   It’s a little uncomfortable but I’m finding my way.  My goal is to post something new each week.  The challenge is figuring out what I should be blogging about.  I […]

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