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Dream Job: An Interview with Adam Aizer

In the past several months, I’ve published interviews with urban fantasy author, Campbell Award winner and I Should Be Writing podcast host Mur Lafferty, public speaker, marketing expert, The Creative Penn podcast host and thriller author J. F. Penn (aka […]

Stop the Music, Please!

With the exception of last week’s post about an unwise wager, and one unfortunate incident involving Baltimore Orioles outfielder Adam Jones, a disgruntled San Francisco Giants fan and a banana, I haven’t blogged much about baseball.  That’s because I have […]

Can’t Win for Losing

I have a confession to make.  I am a Minnesota Vikings  fan.  My sister just groaned because she thinks this is going to be another of my NFL recaps I’ve been posting the past few weeks.  It’s not so bear […]

Going Bananas

I’m not big on social commentary so let me apologize in advance for the following post. When I sea a headline like Fan apologizes for throwing banana, I assume I’m about to read something pretty funny, preferably with a byline […]

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