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“Skid Row stormed down the sidewalk, clenching his fists and not even glancing back as he unleashed a world class string of vulgarities at Arthur, McDonald’s, bad luck, frogs, losers, liars, and the disgusting, rancid, puke-filled bowl of rotten cherries that had somehow become his life.”


Released in 2016, Parlor City Paradise tells the story of Skid Row and Bullfrog, two mid twenties down-and-outs. They’re both searching for something better, but every move they make seems to make their situation inestimably worse.


Reminiscent of the widely popular Carl Hiaasen series, suspense author Michael Sova returns with his best work to date. Parlor City Paradise takes seedy characters and even seedier situations and gives them a clever, often humorous and always entertaining twist.

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