Michael Sova




The literary world’s only author of gripping suspense novels and one quirky, witty and seductively savory football-themed cookbook





Imagine the terror of being pursued by someone you know you’ll never see coming.


Years after the Deepwater Horizon disaster of 2010, bestselling fiction author Martin Reginald introduces a compelling new trilogy and tells a different version of that well publicized story. In the first two novels, he suggests the explosion was an act of sabotage and the presumed culprit was the owner of Sand-Sational, a Louisiana-based beach restoration company. The biggest revelations are promised in the final book in the series, but Reginald is murdered before the manuscript is completed. Why? Was someone trying to keep him quiet? Is it possible his novels were less fictional than anyone realized? What happens when it turns out Reginald himself was something of an illusion?

     Michael Sova returns with his most suspenseful, most compelling, and most stunning novel to date. Blind Switch is available NOW!


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