Michael Sova

The literary world’s only author of gripping suspense novels and one quirky, witty and seductively savory football-themed cookbook




Celebrate the holiday season with a new Christmas story and support a great cause.

      For Joy, things couldn’t have been going much better. She was already living her dream as the lead guitarist in a rock and roll band when a mysterious, twinkle-eyed, rosy-cheeked stranger came along and swept her off her feet. She believed she’d found her one true love, and that’s when she ran afoul of some small yet surprisingly fierce adversaries. Instead of a magical trip to the North Pole, Joy suffered a disfiguring injury and her life was turned upside-down. She could no longer play guitar, and the intense but fleeting spark of romance had definitely been extinguished. She retreated, disillusioned and brokenhearted. Years later, armed with some candy canes and a burning desire to settle the score, Joy returned to the scene of the crimes and began her quest for retribution. It looked like things might be going badly for her again, but a timely visit and a dose of Christmas spirit help to save the day.


Candy Canes: A Story of Joy, Revenge, and Christmas was co-authored by Michael Sova, William Todd, EM Kaplan, and JD Kaplan. It is an Amazon Kindle exclusive, just $.99, and ALL proceeds will benefit Toys for Tots. Download your copy today!






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